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Cap-M-Quik "0" size Capsule Filler


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The Cap-M-Quik capsule-filling machine kit with tamper makes filling capsules easy. In just minutes you can make 50 capsules filled with your choice of powders, vitamins, supplements, herbs or oils.  Unlike CurEase brand products, most of the pills on the market contain fillers, preservatives and flowing agents. You can avoid these unhealthy ingredients by using this simple and easy system to fill your own capsules. 


Kit includes :

* Cap-M-Quik Capsule-Filling Machine (Makes 50 Capsules)

* Tamper

* Packing/Spreader Card


Simply separate the capsules and load the longer half in the holes. Next, fill the capsule with your selected ingredient. Finish by simply replacing the top half of the capsule. For fluffy ingredients, use the included tamper to press more ingredients into the bottom of the capsule.