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Adapting Gems Tea Blend 100 grams

Adapting Gems Tea Blend 100 grams

Harmonic Arts

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A well balanced blend of herbs that are known to support general well-being. Restorative and fortifying to all major energy centres in the body, this tea is beneficial at any time of year.


Ashwagandha*, Eleuthero*, Rhodiola , Fo-Ti*, Schisandra*, Licorice Root*, Indian Sarsaparilla *, Holy Basil*, Reishi*
 Wild Harvested
*Certified Organic by EcoCert

Expires April 2023

Ashwagandha - Helps with stress, anxiety and depression.
Eleuthero - Beneficial to memory, aids with fatigue and endurance.
Rhodiola - Energizing, great for endurance, strength and mental capacity.
Fo-Ti - Highly nutritive herb, supports all body systems.
Schisandra - Maintains vitality and supports healthy cellular function.
Licorice Root - Harmonizes the blend for optimal health.
Indian Sarsaparilla - Balances immune system.
Holy Basil - Highly revered in India for it's beneficial effect on stress.
Reishi - Immune support