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Clef des Champs Gingivix tincture 50 ml

Clef des Champs Gingivix tincture 50 ml

Clef des Champs

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Each ml of Gingivix contains:
Calendula fresh org. flowers Calendula officinalis
Marshmallow fresh org. root Althaea officinalis
Goldenseal fresh org. root Hydrastis canadensis
Goldthread fresh org. root Coptis trifolia
Myrrh resin Commiphora myrrha
NMI: 50% organic alcohol.

Traditionally used in Western herbalism as an astringent and antiseptic to treat gingivitis and canker sores and to help relieve mucous membrane inflammations of the mouth.

Adults: 1 ml (20 drops), 3 times daily. Repeat as needed
Use as a gargle only.
Consult a health practitioner prior to prolonged use or if symptoms persist. Do not use if you are hypersensitive to plants from the Asteraceae family.

NPN 80016233 EXP FE 2022