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CFTE Good Vibe Spray - The Real Child

CFTE Good Vibe Spray - The Real Child

Canadian Forest Tree Essences

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Within all of us, resides a lost, lonely, abandoned, sad child. When siing in suffering, we forget that only love can guide us in this life journey. Is your inner child unhappy? Is he longing for comfort and unconditional love? Now as adults and/or parents, it is our responsibility to fulfill this deep need. The Real Child spray helps us to consciously understand this life experience with compassion and love. And at the same time, connects us with the inner child and his capacity to walk into life in total confidence.


Ingredients: Tree essences: Butternut, Colorado Blue Spruce, ‘Royalty’ Crab Apple, Weeping Willow. Essential oils: Benzoin, Lavender and Yuzu.