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Diatomaceous Earth - 227 grams (half pound)

Diatomaceous Earth - 227 grams (half pound)

Harmonic Arts

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Diatomaceous earth is a sedimentary rock which crumbles into a fine, soft, white powder, composed of fossilized marine phytoplankton from freshwater lakes. Commonly used for many purposes from internal cleansing, to clay face masks, to household and garden pest control.

Household Use:
Sprinkle in affected areas, leave 2-3 days and vacuum up.

It is a powerful and non-toxic pesticide. When the diatomaceous powder touches bugs, it scrapes the insects waxy outer layer. The insects then lose their capacity to hold moisture, causing it to dry out. Diatomaceous earth benefits are effective in your home, garden, pets, and internally or externally for people.

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