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Take Control of Your Health and escape the sickness industry

Take Control of Your Health and escape the sickness industry

Health Management Books

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By Elaine Hollingsworth, Director Hippocrates Health Centre of Australia

Much of what you will read in this book will surprise you, because it refutes the propaganda the so-called experts have been spewing for decades. The food industry and the drug manufacturers have been unconscionable in their zeal to earn billions of pounds, aided and abetted by those scientists who have been well paid to fudge, and even falsify, test results. The biochemists, physicians and scientists quoted in this book are not in the employ of multinational corporations. They are dedicated men and women whose conclusions are based upon sound science, not upon the propaganda and the coercive power of the pharmaceutical industry. Their opinions rarely find their way into the establishment media which are, like much of the world, under multi-national domination. minerals build bone mass; Prevent/reverse osteoporosis; substitute safe remedies for dangerous HRT; avoid food and beverages that cause bones to dissolve; avoid/reverse all female (and male) complaints without drugs; prevent/reverse impotence and prostate illnesses; use simple, natural remedies for many common ailments; discover the only progesterone that is effective, does not contain preservatives, and costs a few cents per day; banish constipation; rejuvenate your skin naturally; prevent breast cancer; sail through menopause, drug-free; avoid a commonly prescribed drug that creates severe spinal degeneration, even in the young; get a mineral that halts 40-50 per cent of calcium loss; and get a Peruvian root vegetable that has been used for 10,000 years to promote bone density and make menopause easy, and costs a few pence a day.