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Divine Essence Calendula oil - 30 ml

Divine Essence Calendula oil - 30 ml

Divine Essence

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    • Botanical Name Calendula officinalis/Helianthus anuus
    • Part of Plant Flower
    • Origin France
    • Culture Organic, certified by ECOCERT® Greenlife
    • Chemotype
    • Other Name Garden marigold, English marigold
    • Extraction Method Maceration of the flowering tops of freshly harvested organic Calendula officinalis in organic sunflower oil
    • Odour Floral, slightly bitter
    • Colour Orange to red
    • Medicinal Calendula Officinalis* 99.8%.
    • Other Ingredients
    • NPN

    Apply to the skin. Suitable for baby care, youn children and pregnant women. Use as a base for massage oil and homemade cosmetics nourrishing and soothing body lotion, make-up remover and mask.