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Zeolite Clay / Argile zéolite -  100 grams

Zeolite Clay / Argile zéolite - 100 grams

Harmonic Arts

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from Harmonic Arts Botanical Dispensary

100% pure micronized Clinoptilolite - sourced from the USA

Zeolite is a group of volcanic minerals from deep within the earth with a honeycomb structure, a rarity among minerals. They are highly negatively charged. The negative charge of Zeolite draws to it, positively charged toxins like heavy metals and pollutants. There are many types of Zeolite, only the premium activated Zeolites are safe to be ingested internally. They can be used to help neutralize toxins, pollutants, yeast or poison for elimination from the body through the digestive system. 

Some Benefits of Premium Zeolite Clay Include:

1. Re-mineralizes the body

2. 100% bio-available to the body

3. Balances PH levels in the body

4. Free radical reducer

5. Supports immune system function

6. Boosts energy levels

7. Reduces fatigue

8. Increases assimilation

9. Safely removes heavy metals and toxins

10. Visibly decreasing wrinkles when used as a masque

11. Soaking up harmful radiation in the body

12. Removal of some viral particles